There are two(2) cycles you can choose from. 12 hours, and 24 hours.

The 24 hours you should use when you packed the chamber with 'Highly Packed Density', or if you you need to penetrate thru plastic tubes.

When you sterilize tubes, you need to make sure to leave Tortuous Pass so the gas can go thru.

You also need to use two(2) ampules when using the 24 hour clock.



AN74i/Anprolene's 100% EtO System sterilizes at room temperature without a vacuum or water injection. 

Protects your most delicate instruments, electronics, drills, fiber optics, cameras, and plastic or rubber items... Literally anything but food, drugs or liquids can be sterilized with Anprolene.


Sterilization and Aeration in the same cabinet: The Anprolene System utilizes an advanced purge system that aerates products for two hours at the end of the cycle. Active aeration continues indefinitely until products are removed, and the cycle is ended.
Proven Reliability: Anprolene has been the choice of healthcare professionals for over 40 years. Anprolene is used in over 5,000 facilities worldwide.
Unique Load Size Flexibility: The Anprolene system uses unique plastic sterilization liner bags and individual gas ampoules. We offer two different sizes of bag/ampoule combinations to match the size of your sterilization load. You never use more gas than you have to!

Each refill kit includes:

Anprolene Sterilizing Gas Ampoules - 5cc or 20cc 

Liner Bags - 7 liter or 35 liter capacity

Technical information:

Anprolene uses Less Gas: The Anprolene system uses less than 1fl. oz. of EtO per cycle, which is less than 1/5 the gas usage of our closest competitor. The small quantity of gas used means that the Anprolene system meets all State and Federal EPA requirements without the need for expensive abatement equipment.

Sterilize with Confidence: The sterility of each Anprolene sterilization cycle can be proven with biological or Steritest indicators. You can also run chemical indicators such as the Anprolene Dosimeter. Operator exposure may be monitored with AirScan¨ Badges or Area EtO Monitors.


Anprolene AN74i 
Model AN74.67
Interior dimensions: 19.5"(L) x 13.75"(W) x 12.75"(H)
Exterior dimensions: 21"(L) x 14" (W) x 20.5"(H)
Total weight: 46lbs.
Power Supply: 115v +/- 10%, 60 Hz/150 Watts
Installation Category II


Room temperature, atmospheric pressure gas sterilization at 30% RH

Sterilize heat sensitive and water sensitive instruments and supplies 

Key Operator Certification is free to owners of the Anprolene Sterilizer.

The Anprolene ethylene oxide gas sterilization system consists of a glass ampoule containing liquid ethylene oxide sealed into a plastic gas release membrane, a sterilization bag to hold the items to be sterilized, a secure bag closure, and a stainless steel sterilizer container. 

The sterilizer container is ventilated and designed to protect the operator during the sterilization cycle. 

At the end of the sterilization cycle, the liner bag is purged of ethylene oxide for two hours to further protect the operator. 

Anprolene is designed to operate at atmospheric pressure, room temperature (not less than 20o C.) and ambient humidity (not less than 30%).




The liner bag containing the ampoule and the items to be sterilized.  Note that the mouth of the liner bag is sealed to the sterilizer bobbin assembly by means of a releasable Nylon tie
Extra-long version of the Anprolene, the AN74ix / Anprolene, 29.5" long.

The differences between the AN74ix and the original AN74

1. The AN74ix has 2 pumps
2. Purge pump and ventilation pump
3. The benefits of these pumps are in this ix model that the purge pump is the back up to the ventilation cycle.
4. Another benefit is the purge pump is stronger pump that evacuate what is inside at the end of the sterilization cycle. It is stronger than the old pump



Seven steps to sterilization with Anprolene®
Be sure to consult the complete instructions packaged with every box of ampoules.

  1. Disassemble all items to be sterilized to provide an unobstructed path for gas penetration.
  2. Wash all items in detergent and water.
  3. Package items in individual gas permeable wrappings:  cloth, paper, paper/plastic peelable pouches or Seal and Peel® waterproof packaging.
  4. Place the items to be sterilized into a genuine Anprolene liner bag along with one ampoule of Anprolene (match the ampoule size to the liner bag).  Place the bag into the Anprolene Sterilizer container.
  5. Attach the liner bag to the bobbin with a releasable Nylon tie.
  6. Snap the neck of the ampoule through the wall of the liner bag. 
  7. Close the sterilizer door.  Press the start button.  The usual cycle time is fourteen hours, 12 hours to sterilize and 2 hours to purge the ethylene oxide gas from the liner bag.




Anprolene* Accessories

  • Anprolene* Refill Dispensers 
    AN71 - 5cc Anprolene ampoules*;  for use    with  AN72 or AN74 models;  liner bag capacity of 7 Liters.  To run 25 cycles.
    AN73 - 5cc Anprolene ampoules*;  for use with AN72 or AN74 models;   liner bag capacity of 7 Liters.  To run 60 cycles. 
    AN79 - 20cc Anprolene ampoules*;  for use with AN74 model only;   liner bag capacity of 35 Liters.  To run 20 cycles.


    AN85 - Exposure Indicator Strips
    Immediate assurance of gas exposure! Strips provide a strong color change.  Rapid confirmation of EO exposure to items at end of sterilization cycle.  Convenient self stick backing adheres to conventional paper or cloth wrapping.  Use one strip (per package, per cycle).  For use with Anprolene* system only.

    AN87 - Anprolene Dosimeter*-25ea
    Time, temperature and EO concentration are essential to proper sterilization.  Dosimeter* integrators present visual assurance that all these parameters have been fulfilled.  Dosimeters* change color in proportion to the dose of sterilant they contact.  View results immediately after sterilization - no laboratory culture necessary! Use one Dosimeter* per cycle.  For use with Anprolene system only. 



    AN80 - Steritest* Biological Ctrl

     Reliable verifies that sufficient concentration of EO killed one million B. subtilis spores, the most resistant spore to EO gas.  Two control components - a Dosimeter and bacterial spore preparation in a steril culture medium - reduce possibility of false positives.  After incubation, color change from blue-green to yellow distinctly indicates a positive culture. 



    AN810 - Steritest* Biological Control 

    The biological Control Incubator incorporates a thermostatically controlled 370C incubator into a tabletop unit with interior  dimensions of only 10" x 7" x 8" (25cm x 17.8cm x 20.3 cm). 




    AN2250 - Steam indicator tape
    Chemical indicator lines show a strong, sharp color change after processing, demonstrating exposure to sterilization process.  Allows easy visual identification of pre - vs. post sterilization packs from across the room.  Tape surface can be written on with indelible ink without smearing or bleeding. 

    AN2270 - Tape dispenser